Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Good News!

I'm happy to report that the car was in great condition. Very dirty, but otherwise intact.

You would think that after calling the impound every weekday for two weeks I would know exactly everything I needed to get the car out quickly. Think again.

We arrived in Miami almost half an hour before the impound opened. So we waited. It opened promptly at 8 and there were no other people there waiting for it, so I was hopeful that I would get in and out of there very fast. But no...

Come to find out that even though Nick's license is listed on the car's registration, and the police can access this information, he still has to provide the registration in order to get the car. Not sure why that is. So at that time of the morning, we needed to find a tag agency that would issue a duplicate because, for whatever reason, the glove compartment was completely empty.

We get back from this little errand and then discover that we can't pay there. Even though Nick is the victim, the city assesses a towing fee and an administration fee, which has to be paid in cash, for which I was already prepared. But there's one catch, you got to go to the police station, to the Property Dept to be more specific, to pay these fees, and then come back and show the receipt to get the car.

Bear in mind that this is Miami, an even though the Police Station was just 5 or 6 blocks away, it's a major ordeal to 1) navigate the streets that are mostly one way, 2) find a place to park, and 3) wait in line along with the many others doing the same thing.

But we got the car, and I got back to work and now we won't have to do it ever again. I hope.


Blogger Chiloe said...

Incredible: you are the victim and you have to pay to get what belong to you ... unfair to me. I hope nobody will use the tittle with a stolen car ...

4:10 AM  

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