Monday, December 29, 2014

2015 Rotation - All from Current Stash

My rotation is quite focused on projects that need to be finished.  I have been simply unsuccessful at getting my stitching mojo going again.  It's been dormant now for about 3 years. The plan is two-fold: 1) one focus piece per week - rotating through several; and 2) one strand per day of the Snapper borders, until finished, to get into the stitching habit.  Stitching one hour on the focus piece, plus one the one average length of threaded floss on the one-strand piece.

January - One strand per day: Snapper borders (I just GOT to finish this!)
Week One: Fall House (just practicing my stitching before hitting the big projects)
Week Two: LK My To Do List
Week Three: The Rose Garden
Week Four: Rainbow Borders

February - One strand per day: Snapper borders (it'll take more than 31 strands to finish)
Week Five: Paradigm Lost
Week Six: Six Geese A Laying (CEC 4th Day of Xmas)
Week Seven: The Rose Garden
Week Eight: Rainbow Borders

By the end of February, I hope to be finished with Snapper borders and, if so, Paradigm Lost becomes the one-strand daily project.  I'm not going to look further ahead than 2 months.  Life is too unpredictable.


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